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Israeli couscous (petite)
  • Israeli couscous (petite)

Israeli couscous (petite)

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

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Krupa Israeli couscous (petite) appeared in Israel in 1949-1959 years as a substitute for rice. Getting petite was in the form of grains that were similar to the rice. But further perfected and cereals and production technology, as a result, Israeli couscous - a cereal products in the form of beads, which is made from durum wheat flour. This is a very healthy food that contains in itself, and B vitamins, and vegetable protein.

  Nutritional value of Israeli couscous (ptitima): protein - 13.0 g fat - 2.0 g uglevodov- 72.0 g   Buy rump Israeli couscous you can make an order for the contacts listed on the site .

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Type of groats:Couscous
Information is up-to-date: 21.02.2018

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